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The intention of this website is to promote the Life Mapping Process and Book to help you move
forward in creating the life you want.  This requires some soul searching honesty on your part.  

Life Mapping Online is designed to support you on your journey -  cleaning up your baggage,
shifting your thinking, releasing anchors and sidestepping pitfalls and detours that take you away
from what you really want.  I want you to move to wholeness, health, wealth and happiness.

Celebrating and Honoring the Energy of Autumn

Autumnal Equinox is Wednesday Sept 23, 2015 at 4:21 am when the Sun passes directly over the
equator and signifies the first day of Autumn or Fall Season.
Our ancestors celebrated this time of harvest and gave thanksgiving for the abundance of the earth.  
What we know is that at each of these pivotal moments when the Earth shifts its relationship with the
sun, there is a powerful energy that shifts with it.  We have the opportunity to be in the timing with that
shift and allow it to support us.  

Autumn is a time for thoughtful reflection and gratitude for the abundance in your life. As autumn is a
time of harvest, I ask you to reflect on all the seeds you have planted this year.  Which ones bloomed
and what did they yield for you and your family?  Which ones still lay dormant in the earth waiting for
their time? This is a time to assess the strives you have made in your work, your family, your personal
development and towards your goals and vision for your ideal lifestyle.  Even if things did not manifest
as you would have liked them to do so, I encourage you to focus on what did manifest and all the
blessings and lessons you have received so far this year; reflecting on the many transitions that you
have experienced.

For the next few months as we move towards the Winter Solstice, you have the opportunity to move with
gratitude, to harvest, to share the blessings of the year, and to prepare to slow down and move inward
for the winter.  During this time of year, the farmer harvests and prepares their fields to rest and
replenish themselves until spring when planting begins anew.  What needs to be finished or secured
in your life before the winter?  How are you putting things in order in your life and work and in your
relationships? How are you beginning to think about slowing down, going inward to dream, to listen
and to renew as you prepare for the new year?

This is the cycle of life on our planet.  Autumn harvest, winter stillness, spring planting, summer
growing.  It is a cycle that needs to be honored and used to support our listening, our visioning; our
intention setting; our work and growth; our gratitude, harvest, and abundance; and our resting and
renewal. Life Mapping, in its fullness, supports you in honoring this cycle and this energy with a
process that increases your awareness and supports you to listen, dream, prepare, set intentions,
work and grow, harvest and give gratitude, listen, rest and renew and cycle again through the process.
This cycling is not just a repetition but moves in a spiral that continues to grow and evolve upward and
outward.  Life Mapping is an evolutionary process.

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Move the Crowd's LIVE Mastermind Event Sept 26th - NYC
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